Seminar “Resolve conflicts, get in touch” at the German Association of Journalists in Berlin

So many reasons for potential trouble and arguments! We can’t get around it, because where we are in contact with other people, friction and conflicts arise. So it can’t be about: How do I avoid arguments? But: What skills are needed to better deal with conflicts? What is necessary to identify causes early on before a dispute escalates?

The participants in the seminar “Resolve conflicts, get in touch” dealt with these questions, which our coach Clemens Glade held on behalf of the DJV Berlin JVBB. He presented them as a possible strategy, among other things, “Nonviolent Communication” according to Marshal Rosenberg.

The American psychologist proposes four steps: Describe the situation, neutrally and without judgment. Then tell how it makes you feel. Explain your need behind it and as a last step make a request. The participants were able to try out and practice this technique and use it to play out conflicts that they had brought with them.

Realization: I am responsible for my own feelings. Or as one participant put it in modern language: “I have the ownership of my feelings”. Another said afterwards: “I see even more clearly that I can control myself and, above all, adapt my behavior. It’s not about the others. It’s about me.”

The seminar is one of many from our offer, with which we are deliberately aimed at people in media companies. Our coaches themselves have years of experience in this industry. They are familiar with the processes in editorial offices and know the conditions under which work is carried out in communications departments. This creates a faster connection to the workshop participants, they don’t waste any time and it is possible to work on topics more intensively.

Do you have questions about how you can support the employees in your company with coaching and workshop offers? Would you like to know how you can positively influence the working environment and conditions? Talk to us, we would be happy to help you.