FLYING EYE realizes studio conversion above the roofs of Berlin

Studio 14 – the rbb Roof Lounge, an extraordinary combination of cross-media studio, restaurant, bar and event location with spectacular views over Berlin, has opened.

Management consultancy FLYING EYE was commissioned with the concept, planning and implementation of the new studio area. The basis of the cross-media studio is a system with a wide range of interfaces for studio lighting, sound and image transmission. This allows smaller events, such as conversations or readings, to be carried out with the help of a media control by only one employee. Larger events such as live concerts are also possible. Produced for linear or nonlinear distribution platforms.

“We would like to thank rbb for the trust placed in us and the good cooperation at all levels and wish Studio 14 every success in all future productions and events above the rooftops of Berlin,” sums up Stoffer Geiling, project manager of FLYING EYE.