Teletext becomes online: rbb at the cutting edge

FLYING EYE was commissioned to develop a concept for replacing the rbb teletext system and transferring the new system components to the new rbb online architecture.

Following an extensive analysis of the current state of affairs, in which we investigated the editorial workflows, technical architecture, data imports and exports and the integration of the Teletext system into the system landscape used up to this point in time, we analysed the central topics of the existing AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) online content management system: how does AEM work today and what would have been a synergetic method of working within AEM to fill Teletext without duplicating work from the perspective of editorial workflows? What is technically possible and where are the limits?

After this, we evaluated the technical feasibility and the pros and cons of various Teletext editor solutions with the aid of various scenarios in order to produce comparability and additionally to be able to estimate feasibility and outlay.

Finally, FLYING EYE presented rbb with a recommendation for action for the next steps and the system to be deployed which served the broadcaster as a basis for their decision.

Contact: Stoffer Geiling