Medientage München: Kemal Görgülü talks about ways out of the platform dilemma on October 24

YouTube and Netflix, but increasingly also Facebook, Amazon and Instagram dominate the use of moving images and dictate the rules. They gather the audience together and can lure them with reach and budgets. Thanks to large development teams, they become a de facto infrastructure, since only the large platforms can ensure distribution across all devices. This position leads to difficult decisions for broadcasters and providers: To be visible, a presence is advisable – which in turn strengthens the platforms further and weakens their own offerings. Which strategies for a self-determined digital ecosystem are promising? What are the ways out of dependency? Can a way out be found with the help of a national or even European ecosystem? Kemal Görgülü will talk about these questions within the framework of the Medientage München on October 24 at 4.15 p.m. in hall 5. Further information about the event:

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