Partner and Senior Consultant – Project Management, Requirements Analysis and Management, Analysis of Business Models, Creating Target Concepts, Business Process and Workflow Modeling as well as a New TV expert

Kemal Görgülü is an expert in project management using agile and traditional methods. His main focus is on target concepts and interfaces for file-based workflows within the entire value chain, from ingest to production and archiving as well as utilization in the area of New TV (OTT platforms, media centers, smart TVs, etc.).

During a relaunch of the broadest-reaching media center in Germany, Görgülü handled all of the project management for Exozet Berlin GmbH and managed project implementation using agile methods. On behalf of ARTE G.E.I.E., he collected and specified specialized, technical and organizational requirements for a wide variety of divisions. Strategic development for adapting cloud computing technologies in the broadcast area, as well as using computer vision technologies based on machine learning / artificial intelligence, are some of his current project focuses.

In addition to research projects in the area of digital cinema, 3D TV, and automated content enrichment and syndication, Görgülü has also supported numerous projects for television stations and worked as a journalist. Kemal Görgülü has been a partner at FLYING EYE GmbH since 2008. In addition to his native languages of German and Turkish, he is also fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Tel.: +49 6151 668509 – 18

Email: Kemal Görgülü