Innovation prize for information engineering in media technology

From left to right: Prof. Rainer Schäfer, Philipp Kern, Stoffer Geiling, Ralf Hünefeld, Clemens Oeltjen, Thorsten Prohm, Norman Tettenborn, Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg, Sonja Langhans. Picture source: FKT / Martin Braun

The WeltN24 project team, including FLYING EYE shareholder Stoffer Geiling, accepted the innovation prize for information engineering in media technology at this year’s FKTG conference in Erfurt.

Laudator Norman Tettenborn from the company Qvest honored “the extraordinary team effort for the creation of a modern concept for an innovative and IP-based television studio for 24/7 news production and the agile implementation in a short time”.

At the start of broadcasting in 2021 in the new Axel Springer building, WELT was the first television station in Germany with IP-based studio technology and a control room without a classic video mixer. The way in which this was implemented represents a particularly innovative achievement in the media landscape and sets new standards.

The prize was presented by Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg, inventor of the MP3 format and winner of the first FKTG Innovation prize in 2020.

We at FLYING EYE are pleased that one of our partners was also recognized for this innovative achievement.