new RISK-FREE processes: EVALUating the control room automation STUDIO at PROSIEBENSAT1

ProSiebenSat1-Produktions GmbH offers its customers services relating to the creation, archiving and multimedia distribution of television content. It is one of the most modern production and media technology companies in Germany, providing the entire technical infrastructure, among other things, for the ProSiebenSat1 Media Group. The production company wanted to make its studio operations more efficient and introduce new workflows, so it hired FLYING EYE to perform an evaluation.

We determined extensive performance specifications and analyzed technical systems. In addition, we defined basic principles for how workstations should look in the future, and created a team of specialists to develop new processes. Using a market evaluation, we researched the existing technologies for networked automatic production, created a proof of concept, and chose a sample supplier.

Thanks to the approach with the technical specifications and the proof of concept, we were able to rule out error sources and minimize risks. The work turned out to be very valuable: we discovered that the project could not be implemented in the requested form under the given framework conditions. We provided support for the subsequent decision processes using various decision-making methods. Our experiences from this project then flowed into the automation project during N24’s move.

Contact: Thomas Holzmann