The work of the future: Tendering and building a control room automation system

Deutsche Welle planned to integrate control room automation into all of its existing, actively used studio complexes in Bonn and Berlin. That meant connecting to the existing editing system and making adjustments within the control rooms where necessary. The TV station hired FLYING EYE to issue the tender and create the system.

We determined the fundamental requirements for working with control room automation, and analyzed workflows with the editors in question. We reviewed all of the shows that were planned to run automatically so we could help the project management create templates. We supported the process of an EU-wide tender from issuing the tender to the decision phase. Finally, we helped the project management implement the system.

The tender did not include product specifications – so we created a contest to determine the competing systems currently being used in Germany, and were able to determine which product was best suited for the station’s purposes. The system will make work much easier. In addition to the traditional automation elements, it will also automate pre-production “live on tape.”

Contact: Stoffer Geiling