What comes next: Creating specifications for a content management system for networked and cross-site TV production in Potsdam and Berlin (TV-CMS)

There are many different content management systems available on the market, and they can differ significantly in terms of their functionality and usability. That means fundamental observations and analyses are needed before a station can choose a system. rbb hired FLYING EYE to develop these new content management specifications for TV production (TV-CMS). Next, we were asked to turn them into performance specifications.

In order to create a consistent starting basis for planning the TV-CMS, we held interviews and used workshops to determine the needs of the various editorial and technical users of the CMS. We then determined the available products and technologies on the market. In the next step, we calculated the license, adjustment and integration costs as well as costs for hardware. Finally, we turned the target specifications into performance specifications, which were tendered throughout Europe.

On the basis of these specifications, rbb was able to procure and implement a CMS for file-based, cross-site TV production. As a result, all of the editorial teams are now using modern, synergetic workflows – a welcome way to make their work easier, given the constant changes in media use.

Contact: Stoffer Geiling