Innovations for documentary films: Participating in PRODUCER, an EU research project

Documentaries are now the second most common film genre, beating out even comedy and adventure. Even in their linear version, documentaries involve high costs (pre-production, production, post-production). Among other things, that is because of a lack of tested, cost-effective ICT tools. FLYING EYE and a consortium of six European partners are jointly launching the new “PRODUCER” platform to close this gap.

Because of our measures in the area of requirements engineering and management, we are playing a significant role in executing this project, and we consider the requirements for various production phases. We establish the technical requirements found in the guidelines for developing, expanding and integrating tools, which allows us to develop the skeleton of the platform. Once our partners implement the tools, we evaluate and test the individual tools. After that, we carry out overall benchmarking for the tools and the platform.

Thanks to our work, the PRODUCER platform is now reducing production costs and time. Small production companies can become more competitive and find investors more easily. Second-screen content and advanced video formats like 360° also improve the viewer experience.

Ansprechpartner: Hans-Peter Richter