Not every media asset management (MAM) system is suited for every need. Every broadcaster has different requirements that need to be analyzed in advance. Deutsche Welle hired us to compile criteria for evaluating future-oriented MAM systems and to analyze the systems. In the process, we needed to consider technical and functional aspects and develop recommendations for action.

In the first step, we used workshops and detailed product and market research to gather the technical criteria for modern MAM systems. We considered aspects such as software architectures, API interfaces and existing standards as well as open-source components. We also paid attention to whether the system had cloud-based support. For the editorial criteria, among other things, we looked at whether the system made everyday editing work easier and supported smart production processes.

In the second step, we evaluated MAM systems and provided an assessment of their technical “future orientation” and editorial “fit.” In addition to the straightforward comparison of features, we also studied factors like provider flexibility, investment security due to simple configurability and expandability, and module interchangeability.

Our work provided clarity about which MAM system offered which benefits and offered future-oriented architecture. This will allow journalists to do their work in a way that takes viewers’ changing usage behavior into account – they no longer watch television in a linear way, but consume the station’s offerings through many digital touchpoints.

Contact: Thomas Holzmann