Deutsche Welle has put its faith in the experience of FLYING EYE to optimise the profile of its news (theme placement, mixture, content), minimise frictional losses with news divisions, minimise extensive co-ordination and simplify the cross-location collaboration of the Berlin and Bonn studios.

We analysed the hierarchical structures in the news and departmental organisation and the decision processes for the planning and production of news services, investigated responsibilities, competences and roles of all stakeholders involved within the news and uncovered frictional and efficiency losses.

On the basis of our findings, we worked out best practice solutions for synergetic and efficient planning and production of news services for TV, online und social media and also recommendations for action for the structural and process-related aspects of producing Deutsche Welle news. We had clear key questions as a focus: how do we succeed with convincing overall performance of the news in terms of profile formation for Deutsche Welle for TV, online und social media? How can procedures which require little co-ordination be implemented? And how can clear responsibilities be established and frictional losses be minimised?

FLYING EYE showed Deutsche Welle which steps and measures can be taken to re-organise its news services to make them more efficient and to optimise the news profile.

Contact: Thomas Holzmann