Dr.-Ing. Andreas Rösch M.S.

Associated Partner – IT Strategy, IT Architecture, Data Protection and IT Security

Andreas Rösch is a lecturer at the Philipps-University Marburg, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Business Informatics and a partner of the IT management consultancy Rösch & Associates Information Engineering GmbH.

His primary focus is on IT strategy and IT architecture, IT service management, data protection and IT security management (DIN/ISO 27001, BSI IT-Grundschutz [BSI IT Basic Protection]) as well as system development and planning for software development projects.

In addition, his core fields of expertise include requirements management and application architecture design, software selection and the introduction of standard software as well as project and multi-project management and risk management.

Dr. Andreas Rösch has been a member of the FLYING EYE network since 2003 and supports the team as a consultant in a wide range of projects.



Matthias Hunstock

Consultant – System Architecture and Integration

While pursuing his degree in computer science, Matthias Hunstock dealt with the theoretical foundations for solving practical problems in the IT world. He combined his major in communication networks and integrated hardware and software systems with his minors in automation and electronic media technology.

He completed his practical training at the Technical University of Ilmenau with active participation in the Forschungsgemeinschaft elektronische Medien e.V. [Research Association for Electronic Media], where he gained experience in the planning, construction and administration of large data networks and was involved in the construction of video streaming infrastructures.

Matthias Hunstock has been responsible for file-based workflows, metadata flows and IT interfaces at FLYING EYE since 2011. He has also been active in various projects in the fields of Automated QC, fingerprinting, system integration and the creation of application prototypes since 2016.



Thomas Huber

Consultant – Project Management

In addition to his studies in computer science and audiovisual media, Thomas Huber gained experience in the fields of film/TV production, camera and postproduction. In the early days of digital cinematography, he dealt with RAW data, color management, workflow planning and cost calculation. He is the prime liaison in this field for many national and international productions and is also a lecturer at the Berlin University of the Arts.

With the digital transformation in film production and the simplified processes, Thomas Huber found his way into the IT sector and, as senior project manager, product owner and software developer, is responsible for the production of media apps for Audi AG and Swisscom, among others, and as project manager for an AI platform for automated text generation.

Thomas Huber has been part of the FLYING EYE consulting network since 2017 and develops solutions in the fields of software architecture, DevOps, SecOps with cost and expense analysis. The development and plausibility assessment of strategic technology decisions are just as much a part of his spectrum as consulting concerning the use of appropriate project management methods and corresponding project controlling.



Lucien Lenzen

Consultant – Technical consulting in the fields of UHDTV (e.g. HDR) and KI (e.g. Video Fingerprinting)

Lucien Lenzen is the expert at FLYING EYE for all questions concerning the future television standard UHDTV as well as issues in the field of artificial intelligence. As a research associate at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, he works daily on projects that shape the future of broadcasting. One of his special focuses is on HDR.

He is also a PhD student under Prof. Brandenburg at the Technical University of Ilmenau. He has been awarded the FKTG (Fernseh- und Kinotechnische Gesellschaft) Graduate Award and received the “Best Young Professional Award” of the IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) and IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) in 2016. He has been a member of the FKTG Executive Board since 2018.



Natascha Vostrovsky

Consultant – Analysis and conception of editorial workflows, project and change management

After completing her degree in journalism at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Natascha Vostrovsky worked as a reporter, correspondent, senior CvD and news editor. She was a member of the founding team of N24 (today Welt) and was entrusted with the interdisciplinary conception of new workflows and tools. This interface function between editing and technology then became one of the focal points of her independent work as a consultant and trainer (since 2001).

Further focal points of her work are the analysis and conception of multimedia editorial and technical processes. This includes working on tools such as content and planning systems, as well as on new or changed roles, processes and structures within a change process. She works with methods such as AKV (Task Competence Responsibility) in role definition, business games and simulations, visualization and design thinking elements.

Natascha Vostrovsky has been part of the FLYING EYE consultant network since 2007 and supports the team in various projects in the areas of requirements analysis, preparation of specifications and requirement profiles for file-based workflows, analysis of TV production processes and market research of editorial topic planning.



Alexander Meyenberg

Consultant – Project, Change and IT Service Management

In addition to managing and leading project teams and complex projects using classic and agile methods, Alexander Meyenberg has extensive expertise in requirement engineering as well as in the collection, analysis and design of processes in the fields of broadcasting, communications and IT. His diverse set of skills is particularly useful in multidimensional transformation projects.

At a German-British company in the aviation sector, Meyenberg laterally managed the IT operations department and contributed decisively to its further development using agile methods. As a service manager, he designed the full-service outsourcing strategy of IT and coordinated the integrated and partially integrated service providers. Meyenberg was also responsible for the company’s IT change management and introduced an IT project and task portfolio management system.

In addition to European broadcasters, German premium automotive manufacturers also rely on Alexander Meyenberg’s expertise as project manager, consultant and method trainer. The media scientist has been supporting FLYING EYE in various projects since 2008.



Clemens Glade

Consultant – Project management, internal and external communication in companies

Communication in companies is an often underestimated factor when it comes to economic success. It is not only about communication in terms of PR, marketing and advertising, but also about internal communication among all stakeholders. Clemens Glade examines workflows and actual states of such communications, accompanies change processes with suitable measures and leads them to success.

Glade analyzed the PR department at ARTE for FLYING EYE, described the current status of instruments and workflows and provided recommendations for modern change. In individual and group coaching sessions, he accompanied employees through the change process and supported them in topics such as time management or agile work.

Glade has been dealing with the most diverse forms of communication for more than 20 years. He has provided services for companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Telekom and Postbank or institutions such as embassies and associations. He has acquired a wide-ranging wealth of knowledge in the field of press and public relations, as well as experience as an editor, author and moderator, with which he enriches his coaching activities.