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Projects 2006 - 2009

Research Project PRIME

ARTE Strasbourg

RTM Malaysia 

  • Workflow and interface design for a digital playout center within the public Malaysian Radio and Television station. Building blocks are scheduling, video servers, editing equipment, media asset management, tape storage and subtitling equipment.
  • Management of the design and the implementation of the media asset management system
  • Definition of the organisational structure including job descriptions for a digital playout center 
  • Person to turn to: matthias.naumer(at) 

Home Shopping Europe (HSE24)

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb)

N24, N24plus

  • Project management for the introduction of new workflows, new technologies and the move to a new location
  • Person to turn to: thomas.holzmann(at)

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb)

YLE (Yleiradio Oy) / blue order, Helsinki Finnland

  • Project management and controlling (technical and organisational) for the conceptual design and the implementation of a Digital Asset Management system
  • Person to turn to: juergen.burkhard(at) 

N24, N24plus 

German Sports Television (DSF, today Sport1) 

BBC/Siemens AG

  • Technical design of a „Content Factory“ for Digital Program Mastering (ingest, postproduction. versioning, program streaming) 
  • Person to turn to: matthias.naumer(at)